Jan 31, 2008

September 26, 2007: Intellectual Laziness, The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Yesterday it was reported that ‘Ol Two-Cows’ criticized Barach Obama claiming he was “intellectually lazy”. This is like a withered toothless whore, so shopworn that she can now only offer ‘gum jobs,’ calling her neighbor’s daughter a slut because she got a date to the prom.

This from a president who didn’t ask a single question while being briefed about the federal response to catastrophe at New Orleans. At least Barach does not mangle the language, speaks in complete sentences, and does not emit broad daylight from between his ears.

To understand what has befallen our great republic on must consult the former aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powel who said that the government had been taken over by an ideologically-driven cabal of neo-cons and militarists.

Bush did not set out seeking the presidency. No the presidential bee was put in his bonnet by Condolessa Rice, Paul Wolfowicz and a few others who saw in the intellectually challenged but politically well placed Dubya an avenue to power. Getting him elected governor of Texas they set about putting him on the national stage as the heir apparent to the throne overlooking his much more articulate and intelligent younger brother. In Dubya they saw the perfect tool, a former cheerleader who could rally the crowd no matter what transpired on the field.

And so they broke into the palace, stole the emperor’s robes and scepter, and made off into the night bringing their loot to the Sorcerer himself: Dick Cheney.

Cheney and Rumsfeld had been here before. They were the ‘power-behind-the-throne’ that had hijacked the Ford Presidency and by degrees cost him so much support that he lost the next election to Jimmy Carter.

The official version is that Poor Jerry never recovered from his pardon of Nixon. Perhaps, but this may be another one of those neo-con illusions. One is left to speculate that if Cheney had not pressured Ford to dump Nelson Rockefeller, if he had not pressed for Jerry to kiss off New York City when it was in financial crisis, perhaps he would have carried New York and the election. But embracing the ‘eastern establishment’ in the form of the very symbol of the eastern establishment—the Rockefellers—is anathema to the conservative base of the party, at least since the days of Barry Goldwater. So the old eastern establishment was cast aside as the new right exercised its political muscle. And at the vanguard of the new right were a young Rumsfeld and Cheney.

Cheney was schooled in the exercise of power behind the throne. A true sorcerer who understood how to use the levers of power. Dick was well pleased, for if he could not be the president in fact he could be the president indeed.

And so George and his band of thieves brought the trappings of power back to the conservative opium den for Dick to behold and fondle. A brief celebration ensued and Cheney retired to an undisclosed secure location.

Unfortunately old habits prevailed and some hard liquor and more than a few narcotics were consumed causing Dubya to slip into a deep sleep. He put on the emperor’s robe, grabbed the scepter and began his orchestrations—the lotus-dream of the village idiot become the long national nightmare.

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