Aug 5, 2012

August 6, 2012: Nowhere Man, Wimp Factor II Sulu, Howdy Doody Time

“Doesn’t have a point of view
Knows not where he’s going to” ---the Beatles, “Nowhere Man”

Dullard “Mitt” Romney returned home this week to be greeted by a cover spread in Newsweek magazine with the headline " Wimp Factor”.  It was a reprise of the old Newsweek edition in 1988 on George H.W. Bush during his campaign against the diminutive Michael Dukakis.  Newsweek ran with that theme about Bush the Greater because good old George appeared limp-wristed and had a penchant for hewing too closely to Reagan Republican Orthodoxy.  Having raised the cry for a “kinder, gentler America” he quickly reverted back to the old faux bravado with his now infamous challenge to “Read my lips…”  The press, sensing a lack of resolve, quickly raised the “wimp” issue.

But when it comes to “Quayling” before the forces of reaction, old George was a mere piker compared to the man from” nowhere”.  Upon close examination there is not a single issue of substance, not a single issue of consequence that Dullard Romney has not previously staked out that he has not, within recent months, reversed himself.  In 1994 he told the press that he would be a greater champion of Gay rights than Ted Kennedy.  In those days he supported a woman’s right to choose, as Governor of Massachusetts he signed a law banning assault weapons, and instituted universal health reforms.  All of these things he has now repudiated, and refuses to run on his record as governor lest he remind once again the Idiot Wrong that is the base of his party  that he cannot be trusted.

Moreover when Rush to Judgment Limbaugh savaged Sandra Fluke this spring over women’s reproductive rights, Nowhere Man was nowhere to be found.  When Michelle Bachman periodically utters another of her insane conspiracy theories, or Donald Trump challenges the President’s birthplace, or any of a number of inanities and insanities are uttered by the Idiot Wrong, the Dullard is nowhere to be found.  He is not your father’s Romney and it leaves the nation wondering when will he stand up to the forces of ignorance, racism, intolerance and stupidity.
One suspects that he will not, for there is nothing in the record of his political career that does not smack of unlimited political expediency.  He is a shell, an empty shirt, driven by nothing but blind ambition. 

There are two reasons a man seeks the public trust.  The first is to do something; the second is to become somebody.  Dullard Romney is of the second order.  We’ve seen this before, and all too recently with Dubya.  Both “boys” see in the Presidency a chance to step from the long shadows of their fathers.  Both ‘boys” are using the public trust be become somebody; to become men.  Both are politicians who are hollow at the core, men seeking office to fill the emptiness in their souls, to find an affirmation otherwise unattainable.  It is a validation in form only—not in substance—and the elevation of such a person to the highest office in the land can only bode ill for the body politic.   

With the Scumlords working the ropes, Romney is increasingly looking like old Howdy Doody: a wooden head, an empty chest, and able to posture only with the support and by the manipulation of his puppeteers.   The problem is that in the oval office there is no Buffalo Bob to give a moral compass to this marionette.

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