Aug 18, 2015

August 17, 2015: Note from Daily Kos, Violates the Sensibilities, Interests of the Oppressor

I just checked my inbox and to my chagrin discovered an email from Daily Kos featuring an essay by one Shaun King entitled “Why Bernie’s fake apology to black folk really bothers me”.  What bothers me is why Mr. King would take issue with how Bernie has handled the situation.  Confronted by a group of hotheads, physically taking the podium and interrupting a few of Sander’s political rallies, a campaign spokesman emailed the group suggesting that they send a responsible representative to meet with Sanders in an appropriate space. This is hardly an apology.  The media, Daily Kos among them, have responded by dismissing his “apology” as callous and insincere. Faux News is having a field day over the developments as the right-wing echo machine wrings its hands in glee hoping to witness an early snuffing of the only legitimate grass-roots ‘movement’ to arise in this country since at least the 1960’s.  Here was my response:

"So you are implying that you would respect a candidate for President of the United States that         when confronted with a group of screaming hotheads immediately falls to his knees and genuflects before them, then announces to the world that he accepts their entire agenda?

Look these people have no legitimate reason to be assaulting the likes of Bernie Sanders who is the only person presently in the Presidential race who has done anything to further the interests of those struggling in this country.  The Clintons? Are you kidding me? What have they done but savage the safety net, hanging the poor and the middle class out to dry.  The Republican field?  Why did they wait until Jeb was finished speaking before they engaged in their boorish behavior?  Why don't they go to a Trump or Cruz or Paul rally and exhibit such behavior?  Is it because they know they will get no hearing, or is it that they are afraid to do so?

Sanders owes this 'movement' no apology.  What has happened and is happening in America is and has long been a national disgrace, a disgrace that Sanders has spent his entire life trying to rectify.  To demand an 'apology' not only makes no sense, but violates the sensibilities of all those who have tried and are trying to move this country forward."

No one has responded more forcefully than Bernie Sanders on the issues of racism, police brutality, racial profiling and the wholesale incarceration of Blacks and Latino’s in this country.  No other candidate has called for the demilitarization of America’s police forces.  But it doesn’t matter to these people, who have been hell-bent on gaining national attention by disrupting the candidate in this race drawing larger crowds than all the others put together.  I suppose it’s the price one pays nowadays for taking the podium and delivering a message that rings in our ears like the Bell of Liberty.  But in attacking Bernie the forces demanding justice risk doing material damage to the only candidate now running willing or capable of delivering that justice. 

The tactics of “Black Lives Matter” remind me of the Teabaggers.  You remember them, shouting down town meetings, demanding to ‘take our country back’, while carrying placards saying “Hands Off My Health Insurance”.  Yes, you remember them, ‘populists’ purporting to defend the private insurance industry against encroachments by government.  Let’s keep those lifetime limits on coverage, those pre-existing conditions, those high premiums, and this lack of competition.  All in the name of ‘freedom’.  Shills of the capitalist cavorting as populists.  The BLM ‘movement’ adopting similar tactics and attacking the likes of Bernie Sanders are likewise demonstrating a similar political intelligence: serving only the interests of the oppressor.

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