Feb 28, 2017

February 28, 2017: State of Disunion, A National Obscenity, Quintessential ‘Boomer’

Donald tRUMP is much more than a national embarrassment; he is a national obscenity"
                            ----from "The Quotations of Chairman Joe"

Following the election, Time magazine published a cover photo of Donald tRUMP over which was written the headline “President of the Divided States of America”.   And so, he is. 

To be fair to our Caesar Disgustus he did not create these divisions but, like any Rescumlican worthy of the name, he has done his level best to exploit them.  Divisions of race, class, geography; black and brown vs. white, rich vs the rest of us, town vs country and the coasts vs the interior ‘heartland’.  Many of these divisions have been eternally with us bedeviling the republic since before its inception, race and class being a legacy of our colonial heritage.  tRUMP, as Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes before him has been the happy beneficiary of the politics of divide and rule; but the divisions now are so marked and run so deep as to fragment the very foundations of the republic itself. 

Again, it is hard to lay responsibility for all this upon the sorry head of Disgustus.  The Democrats, by encouraging international trade agreements and ‘free markets’ as well as whoring after the moneyed interests on Wall Street have now become the party of the coastal states.  Is it any wonder then that one would find Obama pushing the secret TPP as well as an equally secret European trade deal, despite clearly predictable consequences for the middle class and what is left of organized labor?  The Democrats have likewise become a party ossified by layers of special interests representing narrow bands of the electorate and increasingly narrower bands of national territory.  It is not mere happenstance that upon election the first casualty of the Obama administration was Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean who had envisioned and worked assiduously to broaden the party’s popular and geographic support, taking the Democrats deep within Republican territory.  Instead new leadership in the form of Tim Kaine assumed control, an alumnus of the Clinton-led DLC and firm believer in transforming the Democrats into America’s second Rescumlican Party.  The results where wholly predictable with Americans consistently opting, when given the choice, for the genuine article—as in the last presidential election.  Again, tRUMP had nothing to do with these developments, but he was the happy beneficiary thereof.

What tRUMP did do was conduct himself in such a manner as to demean the process by which we choose who will represent us, and now threatens to demean the process by which we govern. 

The tragedy of 2016 was clearly demonstrated by the second presidential debate featuring tRUMP fresh from allegations of serially sexually abusing several women facing the Clintons with several of Bill’s paramours featured prominently in the audience looking on.  The national tragedy was that neither of these aging “Boomers” could, unlike, for instance, the far more qualified Gary Hart, be shamed from the national stage.  Instead the nation was forced to endure what became an openly pornographic contest for the nation’s highest office; a contest which tRUMP did his level best to lose but, unfortunately for the nation and perhaps the world, lost the race to the bottom by an even more suspect opponent.  Indeed, on election day more people trusted Disgustus than our former First Lady.  

The damage done to our politics by such a spectacle is difficult to measure but it is becoming increasingly clear that the longer this ‘Generation of Swine’ has its hands about the throat of the republic, the greater the risk of its survival. 

tRUMP is the quintessential “Boomer”, willfully ignorant, narcissistic, paranoid, thin-skinned, self-serving, greedy and with a propensity to vandalize whatever he touches.  He is, in fact, the ‘Boomer’s” end game; a national obscenity and now titular head of a movement hell-bent upon, perhaps, destroying the republic itself.    

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