Apr 29, 2017

April 29, 2017: One Hundred Days, Nothing of Substance, What Indeed.

“Where once sat Kennedy, now shits tRUMP”
                        ----from “The Quotations of Chairman Joe”

Caesar Disgustus has now been upon the throne for one hundred days.  One hundred days in Sodom.  One hundred days during which the sadistic little prick has continually and serially sodomized the republic and, according to a by now well-established pattern, can be found “twitting” away whining and complaining about the “hundred days” benchmark, by which time he was to accomplish “marvelous” and “fabulous” things.   Notwithstanding it was Disgustus himself who set the mark by issuing during the campaign his version of Newt Gingrich’s “Contract on America”.  Now, having accomplished nothing of substance he stands before the nation with a straight face complaining—always complaining—that somehow this standard is “unfair”; a standard set by others designed to diminish his administration.  Disgustus doesn’t need us for that.

The famous roll-out of a health care bill, promising to “Repeal and Replace ObamaCare” was a dud in the house.  No doubt the scums will resurrect it, because they have little choice having energized their ignorant base with false claims for years and promises to repeal and replace.  But the prospect of stripping 22 million people of health insurance has proven a difficult climb.  Disgustus had promised repeal on his first day in office but we now find him whining that “who would have known this would be so complicated?”   The answer is at once obvious: everyone on the planet except the most woefully ignorant.

There have been no major legislative accomplishments.  Progress or, rather, Regress can be seen only in tRUMP’s rescinding of every executive order issued by President Obama, from the re-privatization of prisons, to the use of lead bullets for hunting in federal forests, to promising to refill Guantanamo prison.  There is even a review of Clinton and Obama national forest and monument designations.  Even his most singular accomplishment to date, the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court could only be confirmed by the Senate suspending the rules, thereby completing the theft of a Supreme Court seat held open by the scums refusing to move on Obama’s nomination for nearly a year and, incidentally further enabling our little Lord Fauntleroy by again teaching him that, once again, the rules don’t apply.

Disgustus is animated by expunging when he can and defiling when he must everything Clinton and Obama even to the point, it is alleged,  of engaging with Russian prostitutes in “Golden Showers” on a bed slept in by the Obamas when on a state visit to Moscow.  This petty little man is consumed and animated by nothing more than mendacity and vengeance.

“With malice for all and charity toward none” quipped President Kennedy, paraphrasing Lincoln, and referring to Richard Nixon.    What, my god, would he have to say about the one presently occupying his office?  What would President Kennedy have said about a vicious little “Twit” about to strip 22 million of health insurance?  On this the hundredth anniversary of his birth one must ask: What indeed?  Where once sat Kennedy now shits tRUMP. 

This too is the legacy of the “Generation of Swine”.