May 6, 2017

May 6, 2017: The Art of the Steal, A Pirate Ship, Plundering The Public Domain.

How does one characterize tRUMP’s cabinet and tRUMP’s White House?  Perhaps one can turn to Winston Churchill for instruction: never have so few known so little about so much.”
                        ----from “The Quotations of Chairman Joe”

One of the great untold stories concerning the election of 2016 is the story of theft.  The story has been overshadowed by the ongoing Russian imbroglio, but it is part of the pattern of larceny of which the Russian Scandal may well be only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  According to several sources the Scums have, through more stringent voter registration laws and intimidation kept untold thousands, perhaps millions from the polls.  Less publicized was “Operation Crosscheck”, a Rescumlican effort that purged an estimated 7.3 million voters from the rolls, 440, 000 in Michigan alone in a state tRUMP “won” by a mere 10,000.  In Wisconsin over 300,00 were purged with similar results.  Ditto, Ohio and Pennsylvania a state whose governor openly boasted of using such means to deliver a Rescumlican victory in 2016.   One could also throw Florida into the mix and North Carolina as well.  Flip those states and tRUMP is quickly cast into the dustbin of history, a minor wart on the flesh of the republic. How much help the Russians were in aiding this effort or what mischief resulted from their tampering with the rolls remains to be seen but it is doubtful that the collusion between tRUMP and the Russians was limited to mere “opposition research” through the hacking of emails.  Putin must have had more sinister reasons behind extending the hacking into the voter registration rolls, as well as several congressional campaigns.

The Scums certainly did for winning by any means including collusion with our enemies and adversaries has been a Rescumlican modus operandi for some time now.   Since 1968 when Nixon, through backchannels, conspired to thwart the Paris Peace Conference to win election, and Reagan’s campaign negotiating with the Iranians to hold the hostages until after the election, the Scums have had a history of dancing on the thin edge of sedition if not outright treason in order to win election.  They have been amply rewarded for their treachery and now with Disgustus nearly openly admit it.  So confident was tRUMP in this enterprise that, one will recall, he publicly called for the Russians to continue to hack private American citizens, and later openly took to the defense of the Russians thinking nothing of denigrating our intelligence and national security services.  After all, like the Rescumlicans, little Lord Fauntleroy had been taught by repeated experience that the rules don’t apply.

Large scale political larceny.  But to what purpose?   As tRUMP began assembling his cabinet and gathering around him his ‘advisors’ the purpose became increasingly obvious.  Certainly, this assemblage was not intended to advance sound public policy for the Scums despise public policy; certainly, the assembled were not brought together to advance public administration for they possess neither the requisite intelligence nor the experience. Rather, quipped British Comedian John Cleese, “tRUMP is gathering about him the crew of a pirate ship”.  Precisely.

A Secretary of Interior hell-bent on changing environmental regulations, leasing arrangements, and the privatization of the public lands; a Secretary of Education, who has never spent a day in a public school, hell-bent on privatizing our educational system through educational vouchers and spread of private and ‘charter’ schools; a Secretary of Energy deeply committed to fossil fuels and hostile to renewable energy. An Attorney General reversing Obama initiatives to end the privatization of federal prisons.  You get the picture.  Clearly Caesar Disgustus gathered about him a band of pirates hell-bent on nothing less than the plundering of the public domain. 

The “Art of the Deal” has become the “Art of the Steal”.  Large scale political larceny enabling in turn the wholesale plundering of the public domain by appropriating through privatization or the outright selling off the assets of the people to the capitalist pigs he represents. 

That’s the real story behind last year’s election and the rise of our very own Caesar Disgustus.